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Machine Learning Engineer
Toronto, ON, Canada


Who we are
We’re on a mission to make it easy and accessible for any company in the insurance, legal and medical space to understand medical documents quickly using AI. Every week, we process hundreds of thousands of pages of documents, saving our customers hours and hours of manual processing time, and helping them process medical claims much more quickly.
Wisedocs is a fast-growing, seed stage startup, our team is made up of startup and scaleup veterans and we’re looking for talent that loves the entrepreneurial atmosphere as much as we do. You’ll be asked to work in a fast-moving environment, and to develop new expertise very quickly. The colleagues you work with will be working hard right alongside you as well, and you will have an opportunity here to be a leader and to learn from hands-on leadership.
About you
Our next Machine Learning Engineer will work as a core part of the engineering team that contributes directly to our AI/ML engine. We are building a neural network that combines Intelligent Optical Character Recognition (I-OCR) and NLP to process complicated, unstructured medical documents for use in an automation platform.

You will contribute improvements to the structure of our machine learning models and you will work to improve the accuracy rate with which we can automatically process documents. We are aiming for a 99% accuracy rate reading both structured and unstructured .pdf, image, and scan files, and your work will help us to pioneer on our patented and patent-able technology.

What you'll be doing
  • Creating Reports/Metrics for our ML System 
  • Writing unit tests and assisting with writing integration tests 
  • Writing documentation (Confluence) for components and architecture, and defending architecture decisions 
  • Work with ML R&D Department to engineer ML solutions 
  • Implement our domain specific rules framework 
  • Integrate AI/ML models and processes into our processing pipeline 
  • Develop the infrastructure and data pipelines to support ongoing data analysis and actionable result sets 
  • Willingness to learn and apply new technologies and development techniques in a fast-paced agile environment. 
  • Comfortable with frequently changing work items and scope; able to handle multiple research or tasks in an efficient manner 

You're a great candidate if
  • You have 3 to 5 years Python development experience. 
  • Basic knowledge of tools/hardware and languages like Linux, Git, Docker and SQL (optional). 
  • Understanding of automation practices throughout the AGILE development, build, and deployment phases of the application life-cycle. 
  • Solid understanding of ML concepts like bias, overfitting, data augmentation, etc. 
  • Well versed with deep learning concepts in NLP or Computer Vision, Transformers, using pretrained models etc. 
  • Experience in MLOps tools for distributed learning, hyper parameter tuning, model serving etc. 
  • Exceptional problem solving and critical thinking skills 
  • Proficient with open source ML libraries such as TensorFlow and PyTorch
  • Strong knowledge of principles and architecture of ETL (Extract-Transform-Load) pipelines 

What we offer 

  • The freedom to work Remote or Hybrid, but with a regular, reliable team structure and resources to make your professional environment comfortable 
  • Modern employee benefits, including health and dental coverage
  • Competitive compensation, with valuable stock options, as we’re still a young company growing very quickly. 
  • An opportunity to develop very rapidly in your career. We can offer you a super-immersive learning environment, and you thrive there you will have the opportunity to rapidly develop this opportunity into senior practitioner or management opportunities as you choose.
  • Access to a learning and professional development fund to help you level up your career while you’re working with us. We hope to be an incredible step up for your career if you decide to come and work with us.

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